Monday, March 14, 2011

sambutan maulidur rasul

sambutan maulidur rasul @my skoll hari sabtu lepas..

the event tlh selamat di laksanakan..
how was the event..?
to me fair n okay la..

i think it can be done  better..
maybe coz i have seen better @ my old skoll..
maybe bcoz here has no hall.... so the event looks like just ader..
in my opinion a school should have a hall.. many events can be held there..
Graduation Day, Prize Giving Ceremony, PTA Meetings, and uniform meeting.. etc
the events are important esp for final year pupils.. its their memories of primary school...
its tidbits of ones experience.. to be on stage.. to be brave.. to learn about confidence..
ok back to the story..

Class aku masuk nasyid boyz & girls and tilawah..
both nasyid got 2nd and 1st place..
tilawah pun got 3rd place..
of course ler bhai..
we all prepare btul2..
i dont know how they do it here..
but i like engaging with pupils in any school activities..
training them .. help them practice.. at the same time can also motivate them ..
bonding is important to gain trust n comitment in other areas..
as my motto i usually share with my pupils...

"play hard.. study hard.. always try to win"

so its quite frustating la coz the rest r not very competitive..
only a few group participates in nasyid...
feel like i dont get the energy n vibes here..
i hope i can last long
for my creative side to survive

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