Wednesday, April 20, 2011


i know its hard to keep up with someone else expectation..
but still i think expectation is nescessary ..
its like a marking point of what u should achive..

if u dont have any expectation for urself
seems ur life is just like lalang that move to any direction..

expectation thats come from oneself  lagik bagus
tp klu korank cam xde apa2 expectation kat diri sendrik
terpaksalah cikgu pushkan expectation cikgu kat korank..

kekadang rase cam cikgu jer yg all out want to 'perah' the best from the pupils...
but the pupils seems to care less.. its frustated at some point.. but one should not give up..

i will not give up on you all my 6M5 ...
x kire la korank kelas ujung ke aper..
atau cikgu2 len nk kate korank nie camne..
so dont give up on me.. not now!
if i am being hard on you..
that is because i want the best from u..
n i can see raw diamond in the mud here and there
tinggal nak cari klorok yg power kowt bg bersinar2..

so... kalau dlm last ujian 3/22 org dah mencapai tahap lulus dlm bi..
i hope this next exam lusa the number will top up to 6 at least..
the more the merrier.. and the rest will have significant improvement in their marks..

calon2 harapan: cetengok kot2 ramalan ku benar belaka nanti...
- shafirul, shahera, iskandar, shukry, nazeem, shafiq f,

its not always about the result
but its about the journey!

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