Tuesday, May 10, 2011

lol lol & lol

had  lots of laugh..and histerical ones today..i cry myself to laugh..
today got pertandingan melukis potret guru sempena hari guru 2011
my pupil iskandar made me lol aloud..
i forgot when i last had a laugh like this..
he draw 'me' with arms like robots..
somehow i was making fun of it (mean!)
and i lol non stop..

later i saw naim draw a male teacher..and coloured it
me   : kenapa gigi cikgu (dlm gambar) warna kuning?
naim: kaler warna putih takde..
me  :  oooo... (lol on my own)

after a while i came back to his place and the teache'r teeth has turn red
me   : kenapa gigi cikgu warna merah pulak
naim: dah tukar .. bibir lah teacher...
me  : ooo.. cikgu lelaki bibir merah yer.. (lol again)

i luve u guys 6m5..
u all really made my day today!

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