Monday, April 18, 2011

apa kes... psl baju?

aku x perasan pun..
x terfikir pun..
malah x kesah pun..
sapa nak pakai baju apa?
atau x nak pakai apa?
to me its ones own preferences ..
so when i saw that group wear same outfit together n it looks nice on them
i just said " berserilah nampak hari ini" to one of them..
i really mean what i said.. no sindir2 or whatever like that..
never it occur my mind that way
i am a straight forward person..
i like, i say i like..
i dont like, i say i dont like..
if i feel that my opinion might offend u n its not important, i just keep quite jer..
senang kan..

its quite upset me la..
to think that my 'praise' might be taken wrongly.. as sindiran ker..
no la.. really.. honesty is always my policy..
its also quite upset for me..
listening to some -ve remaks on others..
its just make me feel sad, angry or upset der...
eventhough they r not about me..
don wanna 'butt in' in any people bussiness or groups or clicks...
gonna keep my independence soul free..

i value my freedom..
freedom to be friends to all
to be just me anytime anywhere...


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