Monday, April 18, 2011

no fun

been quite crancky nowdays..
poor people around me..
really sorry guyz..
for the ranging wave or vibes..
if it hits any of you..

am i stress?
i like to think that i'm not..
but all teaching and no play at all..
its piling me apart..

where is the fun of teaching?
if i was expected to do it in one method only?
and not having fun during my class

i dont wanna be a robot
teaching another robotsss...
i dont wanna manufacturing robots...

they r children..human being..
they r supposed to act like human..children esp..
talking, laughing, making fun remarks in class..
having interaction, social skills etc..
including being naughty n testing their boundries...
so that later they knew what can n can't be done in future..

i mizz old days..
back then i can teach in any creative way i want..
listening to song, singing, watching videos n cartoons, have pupils do drama/
let them make some  noise...
have a fun time with them in a learning environmet but stress friendly ways..

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