Tuesday, April 26, 2011

results Formatif test 2

something to cherish.. & be proud of.. : -)
number of pupils who pass this exam for my 6M5 is incresing from 3 to 5.. (out of 22 pupils)
although slightly miss my target which is 6 but i am still very happy with you guys
i acknowledge some who had tried their best..
even if you didnt reach there yet, i believe u will in the near future..
next target is 8 or more..
come on yay! you can! let's rock the next coming midterm !!!!!

huhuhuhu.... i am very dissappointed with u all..
no more words to explain...
gonna have some brainwashing session and lots of drilling again!

still new with you guys..
need to start from basic again
eventhough u r the first class..
but the average joe is just to average..

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