Monday, April 4, 2011

Video panas pembangkang tersebar di youtube

I'm  not into politic..
to me politic is a dirty place to be..
but still someone got to to manage the country..
basicly its just work.. that come with power.. (thats why people fighting over it)
power to shape the country especially... to doom or heaven..

as for me..
i have the greatest power of all..
to shape the minds and values of the youngs..
its not an easy task though..
lots of patient, effort and doa mix together..

i pray none of them persue immoral way of life..
i pray them become a valueable citizens contributing to the
survival of our country, races and islam

and if u ask me whose my vote goes to..
i'd say i put my trust on the people who can/ able to manage my beloved country..
who can do work, be fair to all and strong faith in protecting the country and most people interest..

so as dirty as it can be..
you might wanna watch it on your own..
make ur own judgement..
its a democratic nation..
everyone can have their own opinion..

sorry i wont post the hot video here..
but u can see it here..

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