Monday, May 9, 2011

Approach for BI UPSR Paper 2 Section A

Different teacher have different apporach..
even different students need different approach as well..
so I'm sharing my approach... which not entirely mine either..
something i pick here n there through my experience..
hope u found this beneficial for u.. yes share it will u

Paper 2: Section A
In this question, pupils are required to write 5 simple sentences to describe the picture given.
This is the approach I'm using for my weak but definitely has potential class. The fifth class..

First step:
drills them on subjects (people, animals)
example :
  • The people are
  • The pupils are
  • The children are
  • The family is
  • A boy is
  • A girl is
  • Two boys are
  • A few girls are
  • A man and a woman are..
  • The cows are..   etc

make sure they know how to identify and differentiate the subjects..
children don't usually see as we see.. a picture may help in the beginning.
also stress on the grammar -  is and are
this is extremely important.
let them memorize all these..
let them memorize and able to write the phrase on their own
(this may take a week, less or more.. depending on ur pupils level)

Second step:
here we focus on verbs (in present continuous tense) and objects (if related)
drill them on verbs..
lots of them..
example :
  • reading
  • playing chess
  • drinking
  • holding a pail
  • swimming
  • wearing a baju kurung
  • carrying a tray     etc..

again pictures definitely will help..
google helps a lot
this may take u months..

Third step:
Writing the first sentence.
Decsribe the picture as general.
  • The family is in a living room.
  • The people are doing some activities at the beach.
  • The pupils are doing various activities in the classroom.
  • There are children doing several activities at the playground.
Drill,drill and drill......

Fourth step:
Now they are ready to start writing by describing a picture..
Follow these ..

 * pics use are not mine.. forget where i take them.. contact me if they violate any copyright so that i can remove them.


  1. Hey! Im Intan and I was hoping that i could download these. Im intrigued with the formulas. It will be extremely helpful. thanks :)

    1. sure.. i hope it benefits u and your pupils

  2. intan? from sndkn kh?

  3. for weak pupils I drill them on clothing
    eg.. Siti is wearing'baju kurung'. Ahmad is wearing a pair of spectacles. Then on objects they are holding eg. Ali is holding a broom. and simple verb like standing, sitting, walking and other common verbs find in section A picture.
    one more, starting this year, the use of 'are doing some activities' is no longer accepted. Just write eg There are nine people at the farm.

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  6. good tips for teaching weak pupils. thanks a lot. u give me ideas how to plan my lesson for those kids. :)