Saturday, May 7, 2011

Teknik menjawab BI UPSR

semalam selesai sudah teknik menjawab bi UPSR...
Y6 pupils dibahagikan kepada 2 kumpulan..
of course my group is kump 2.. 6m4 and my class 6m5
working together with kak L for this group..

a fewdays before is quite hetic for me
preparing slide show..
preparing materials..
plus kena bertugas d smk TM untuk softball..
kelas tuisyen mlm..
selesai teknik menjawab trus flat..

i really hope my pupils understand how to answer BI UPSR
and most important is to apply the technique given
when u try.. there is hope

korang suka kartun? aku suka kartun

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