Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"osama killed" - obama

Highlight in the news this week
that osama bin laden was killed in america's attack ..
after a long hunt..
the justification given is that he, osama had killed many muslims and non muslims..
referring to 9/11 tragedy..

what bothers me is..
shouldn't one be prove guilty or otherwise through court room..
with the lawyer, witness and judge..
or is it now,  one is prove guilty if america thought he/she is..?
then lets just kill or punish the guy..
WT facebook!

in my opinion..
if osama did killed people
then Allah will count them as his sin and
give the punishment he deserve
if he did not, than Allah knows better..
either way he deserve to be in court first..
"you have the right....." as they americas always mention
human rights
not to be hunt and killed just like animals!

final says...
we, people can make our own judgement in anything
but it can never compare to His judgement
He is the most fair and knowledgeable..
We might escape our punishment here on earth..
but we cant deny it in the life in the hereafter..
the judgement day.

will the death of osama will make the world a better and safer place for all?
or will there be many little osama born here and there...
hatred is not a choice one should choose..

lets love not hate
the world is big enough for all us to share

Osama - Obama

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